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Group Singing for People Living with Communication Disorders

Our mission is to understand, inform, and inspire choirs for individuals living with communication disorders.

People in choir singing together

"At this point I don't feel like my Parkinson's defines me as much as it used to. Now that I've been singing with the group for a while ... I feel that I'm also a singer who is part of a vibrant community"


The SingWell Canada project explores group singing as a meaningful social activity for people living with CD, with the potential to support communication function.
A communication disorder (CD) can be defined as any condition that affects an individual’s ability to produce, perceive or understand the verbal and nonverbal aspects of speech. Adults living with communication disorders face formidable challenges to social wellbeing. Most common among these challenges is the social isolation and loneliness that can arise as a result of impaired communication. In particular, they may develop a disability focus, believing that they are no longer able to have meaningful communication, or engage in social activities and relationships.
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