Running a Singing Group

Survey | 2022 - 2024

Do you run a singing group for people with communication challenges?

If so, you are being invited to participate in an online survey to help us better understand the principles and practices that guide you as someone who leads a singing group!

In the 30 minute survey, we will inquire about your background training, your approach to choral direction, and how you address and adapt to challenges you may face.

We will be integrating your responses into a best practice guide that will be shared with knowledge experts, other singing group leaders, and community-based organizations. It is anticipated that the content from this guide will help inform and inspire future singing groups, improving delivery in each target community.


To participate, you must have current or previous experience leading a singing group for individuals with communication challenges.

This research study has been reviewed by the Toronto Metropolitan University Research Ethics Board (2021-290)

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