Summer Internships

The 2024 Application Period is Now Closed

SingWell will be hosting summer internships for graduate students and high achieving upper-year undergraduate students. Our immersive one-month program will allow students to work alongside select SingWell team members to learn a specialized skill in a new environment.

Successful candidates will receive:

  • Round trip travel to internship site
  • One month (four weeks) accommodation on site in university residence
  • Small stipend to support basic living expenses



Rhythm, Singing, and Stuttering

Dr. Simone Falk (Montréal, Canada)

Come to the University of Montréal to help new discoveries about the benefits of group singing for people who stutter! At the International Laboratory for Brain, Music, and Sound research (BRAMS) of the University of Montreal, Professor Simone Falk is running a research program on how singing in a group can help well-being, communication and speech production in children and adults who stutter. The student intern will help with data collection and analyses, and will be involved in outreach activities such as running a workshop with our partners from the stuttering communities. They will learn about stuttering, how to run experiments with a group, acquire new skills in speech, singing and communication analysis and develop skills in knowledge mobilization.

French language skills considered an asset, but not a requirement, for this internship site.

Salivary Assay Analysis

Dr. Frank Russo (Toronto, Canada)

Come join the SingWell team at Toronto Metropolitan University for hands-on training focusing on analyzing saliva samples! The student intern will learn how to use Immunosorbent and Chemiluminescent assays to analyse cortisol and oxytocin levels in the saliva. This isn’t just theory – they will be gaining practical skills in biochemistry. This position offers a unique opportunity to develop expertise in sample processing, precision with salivary endocrine analysis techniques, and a deeper understanding of hormonal responses.


Dr. Gunter Kreutz (Oldenburg, Germany)

Join Professor Gunter Kreutz’s research team at the University of Oldenburg to explore the growing field of psychogerontology! The student intern’s main task will be to collaboratively develop and conduct academic database searches to identify and evaluate research studies targeting singing groups for people with communication issues, and to conduct review studies in different formats including scoping and/or systematic searches and reviews. If appropriate, meta-analyses may also be considered, and the student may qualify for co-authorship of research manuscripts. A certification of a successful internship will be issued on behalf of the Department of Music at the conclusion of the four-week period.

German language skills considered an asset, but not a requirement, for this internship site.

Connected Speech:
Vocal Acoustic Analysis

Dr. Anna Zumbansen (Ottawa, Canada)

Experience an immersive internship in the Music & Rehab Studio of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa! Under the supervision of Professor Anna Zumbansen and in collaboration
with students from the Music & Rehab Studio laboratory, the student intern will contribute to the analysis of audio and video data from research participants living with aphasia following a stroke. Training will include speech analysis procedures (CLAN software) and mood and group cohesion observation scales (ELAN software) for a project on the effects of group singing on aphasia rehabilitation.

PLEASE NOTE: Internship sites, availability, and training details are subject to change. Successful candidates are solely responsible for ensuring they have the appropriate student and travel documentation available for their assigned site, including a valid passport, traveler’s insurance, and student visas (if applicable). Any supplemental travel, entertainment, and gratuitous living expenses incurred during the student’s internship period will be at the expense of the student and will not be paid for or reimbursed by SingWell.

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