SingWell Speaker Series

The Art and Science of Singing Together


Singing with others makes us feel good –– and for good reason. This seemingly simple activity has a network of complex social, emotional, physiological and biological processes underpinning it.

Starting in Fall 2024, join The SingWell Project for a series of conversations diving deeper into how group singing can improve wellbeing, social connection, communication function and more. 

SingWell researchers and group singing practitioners will offer a focused look at the benefits of group singing for people with aphasia, Parkinson’s disease, lung health challenges, stuttering, and hearing loss –– as well as other populations who are likely to experience social isolation or able to benefit from social prescribing. We’ll also share practical insights and resources for professionals and others who want to learn more about helping people tap into the benefits of group singing.

Recordings of the sessions will be provided to everyone who signs up to attend. 

Sign up to find out about speakers and session dates as we announce them.

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